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Our ethically sourced shellfish include:

A plate of oysters on ice with a wedge of lemon Two crabs back to back

To arrange for a regular supply of fresh or frozen shellfish, please call Snowden & Co. today on

029 2048 9948

029 2048 9998

Fresh and tasty shellfish

Do you need a regular supply of fresh lobsters, prawns or mussels for your restaurant? Then you should call Snowden & Co. We have been supplying fresh and frozen shellfish to local businesses for more than 80 years and in that time we have established an excellent reputation for supplying top quality shellfish of all kinds.


Please note that all of our shellfish are sourced from ethical traders in accordance with international fishing laws.

• Clams

• Crabs

• Cockles

• Lobsters

• Mussels

• Oysters

• Prawns

• Whelks